A Fresh Lifestyle Awaits
in Stoneybrook

Nestled between Avalon Park and Waterford Lakes, Knightsbridge immerses you in a vibrant neighborhood bursting with energy and opportunity. With easy access to the 408 East/West Expressway and 528 Beeline, you can enjoy easy access to multiple theme parks, Downtown Orlando, charming cafés, the Waterford Lake Shopping Center, picturesque parks, and the nearby Stoneybrook Golf Course. Here, we weave together the possibilities of each day to create a vibrant tapestry of experiences that enrich your days and soothe your nights. Schedule a tour of Orlando, FL, apartments near Avalon Park!

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Orlando, the Sunshine State, and Beyond

Just beyond our apartments in Alafaya, FL, you’ll discover the dynamic pulse of Orlando, where each day is a new adventure in the Sunshine State. Spend your days experiencing the thrill of renowned theme parks, indulging in world-class dining, or exploring the buzzing nightlife. As night falls, return to the tranquil luxury of home where you feel proud living, knowing the vibrant excitement of Orlando is only moments away.

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